Dr. Cathy Schmidt


Dr. Cathy Schmidt is a Chiropractor with more than 5 years of experience. She has a special interest in neck pain, headaches and whiplash. Cathy helps her patients understand the source of their pain, treats the problem, and becomes a trusted part of their health care team.

Dr. Adriana Mar


Dr. Adriana Mar is a chiropractor with a passion for helping people reach their individual health goals. Her approach to care is patient-led, collaborative and dynamic. She has additional training in Instrument Assisted Soft Tissue Mobilization and is a clinical acupuncture provider.

Dr. Naina Batra


Naina completed her Doctor of Physiotherapy degree in California. She brings multiple techniques to her treatments including ultrasound, TENS/NMES, cupping, dry needling, and photobiomodulation (cold laser). Naina also specializes in Pelvic Health treatments and injuries from Motor Vehicle Accidents (MVAs).

Aman Thind


Aman is a Physiotherapist dedicated to improving the health and well-being of each of her clients. Her modalities include manual joint mobilization, ultrasound, TENS/NMES,  and photobiomodulation (cold laser). Aman also specializes in sports injuries and Motor Vehicle Accidents (MVAs).

Harpreet Dohroo


Harpreet has practiced physiotherapy in Canada and India. She enjoys helping people and uses a variety of modalities to ensure her clients regain their well-being quickly. Harpreet specializes with injuries from Motor Vehicle Accidents (MVAs). She also utilizes our traction and laser table for spinal decompression treatments for clients with back and neck pain.

Dr. Mu Chun Chen

Acupuncturist, TCM

Dr. Mu is a highly skilled acupuncturist and Traditional Chinese Medical doctor. He also has degrees in Psychology and Anatomy. He focusses on acupuncture to treat a wide variety of injuries and ailments. He also uses acupuncture to treat sleep disorders, addiction, anxiety and infertility.

Liliana Hernandez

Manual Osteopath

Liliana is a very dedicated and passionate professional always looking for holistic therapeutic approaches for her patients. She has 10 years of experience as a general doctor in Colombia. She trained in manual osteopathy in Canada and focuses her practice on neuromuscular and visceral dysfunctions.

Tamara Hartson
Tamara Hartson

Manual Osteopath

Tamara is one of the owners of River Stone, and she has a Masters in Natural Health. She is also a Manual Osteopath and focuses her practice on osteoarticulations.

Leonora Osio

RMT, Manual Osteopath

Leonora specializes in many techniques such as Lymphatic Drainage, Osteo-articulation, Intra-oral TMJ, Myofascial Release, and Pre-natal. She is also a Manual Osteopath and focusses her therapy on Cranial Sacral techniques.

Sarah Oddoye


Sarah is an RMT with more than 14 years of experience. She is alway learning new therapies and offers Myofascial Release, Ligamentous Articular Strain Techniques, Myoskeletal Alignment techniques, Nerve mobilization and Pre- and Post-Natal therapy. She is an instructor of Massage Technique at Grant MacEwan, and she is one of the only Matrix Repatterning Practitioners (Advanced Structural Therapy) in Western Canada.
Kristine Canaman


Kristine is a specialist with various therapeutic techniques and provides excellent deep tissue massage.

Marnie Lemieux


Marnie graduated from the University of Alberta in with a Bachelors of Science Specializing in Genetics. She has a 3000 hour diploma in Advanced Massage Therapy from MaKami College of Massage in Edmonton, Alberta and has been practising since 2010.

Sydney Geiger


Sydney is an RMT who loves to work with her client to find the best outcomes for pain relief and stress reduction.

Miranda Wolters


Miranda graduated in Oct 2015 from Makami College. She has been working as an RMT for more than 3 years. Miranda excels at therapeutic and deep tissue massage. She is working towards her Kinetic Massage certification and PTSD related courses. Her plans are to continue into Osteopathy.

Lina Arcila
Lina Arcila


Lina graduated from MaKami College in 2018. Lina uses many techniques including Deep-Tissue, Hot Stone, Pregnancy, and Myofascial Release. She likes massage because she can help with many different conditions and works to show why massage is an important part of a healthy lifestyle.

Johnny Bandialan


Johnny is an RMT with very intuitive touch and diverse range of skills. From relaxation to deep tissue, Johnny will find the areas of pain and skillfully work through them.

Aline Viel


Aline graduated from MH Vicars and has a passion for helping others. She specializes in relaxation, therapeutic and prenatal massage. She is always learning new techniques and modalities to help her clients and reduce their pain.

Hermes Guillen


Hermes graduated from Alberta College of Massage Therapy in 2016, but has been practicing since 2011. He is knowledgeable with several therapeutic techniques, including sports massage, pre-natal, cupping, Myofascial release and more. He is dedicated to helping people who struggle with chronic pain.

Louise Gunn


Louise was born in a prairie town on the Alberta-Saskatchewan border. She is trained in sports massage, passive stretching, Thai massage, reflexology and breathing techniques for relaxation. She is a keen yoga practitioner and avid cyclist.

Chuan Fang


As an RMT, Chuan provides excellent therapeutic massage with a strong knowledge of anatomy. She also provides excellent deep tissue massage.

Laura May Boos


Laura May has been a Registered Massage Therapist for 14 years and offers Therapeutic, Relaxation & Deep Tissue massage; as well as Reflexology for the feet and Myofascial Release with cupping. Laura is also a Reiki Master and a Rapid NFR Specialist (NeuroFascial Reset) which focuses on the central nervous system, relieving pain and restoring function.

Shalene Budd


Shalene is a massage therapist who loves taking an active roll in the health and well-being of her clients. Her main goals include helping to reduce stress, relieve pain and improve range of motion for her clients.

Nicole Dupont


Nicole became an RMT in 2017. She is also a Rapid Neurofascial Reset practitioner. She works with sports injuries and MVAs, as well as helping people improve their overall well-being.