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Are we the best massage therapy clinic and wellness centre in Edmonton? Our clients think so.

King I.
20:25 16 Nov 23
Good service
learners A.
01:59 04 Oct 23
Really professional Massage Therapists!! Best place one could go to when in any type of pain or discomfort.
16:26 16 Sep 23
Had a 90-minute deep tissue massage with Shaochuan and it was so great. The pace of her massage and the pressure and the way she targets the individual tight muscles worked so well that I felt relaxed and refreshed almost immediately. Will definitely come back for a massage like this.
Adelin M.
01:12 01 Sep 23
Highly recommended I had my secession with Manpreet, words short she did a amazing job I went with severe pain in my neck, my pain was in lot lesser, and the clinic is clean and amazing highly highly recommended I wish everyone can experience the treatment
Khotso Y.
19:37 15 Aug 23
Sharlene is excellent, did a great job!
Elnaz E.
01:49 06 Aug 23
My mum and I abs love Seema; I go there every week.
Suzanne V.
05:19 05 Aug 23
Yes I really enjoyed the massage
13:58 01 Aug 23
I love to go River Stone Massage & Wellness Centre. My massage therapist Lina is amazing at deep tissue work! Thank you for excellent service!
Monica S.
17:09 27 Jul 23
Sarah has been treating my leg and back pain with matrix repatterning for several months now. I have noticed increased mobility and a lot less pain and stiffness.The manual therapy and the bio-electric stimulation is also helping to resolve old injuries that I did not realize were also part of the pain issues.Thankyou Sarah!
23:31 25 Jul 23
Great experience
Kathy F.
18:03 18 Jul 23
I am so very grateful to have found Riverstone. Prior to finding them I had thought I might be unable to find help with the present state of our health care. I had been spiraling downward but with the help of their migraine specialist and nurse practitioner I am full of hope and feeling better everyday. I can't recommend them highly enough!
03:46 08 Jul 23
It’s a great place for wellness under one place
tarik H.
00:41 27 May 23
An absolutely incredible session with the massause, Hermes. I could barely walk into the building, after an hour of massage therapy I am walking and my movement is back to normal.Cannot express how genuinely grateful I am to have found this clinic with Hermes. Highly recommend to anyone experiencing any back spasm symptoms.
Irfan D.
02:42 11 Apr 23
Their red light therapy pod has been a good send for my wife and her pain therapy. The staff here are amazing and professional!
Rumi S.
02:25 07 Apr 23
Hermes Guillen gave me a very good therapeutic massage. He explained everything he did and helped me with an arm injury and back injury. The prices are competitive and the rooms are very relaxing. The receptionist was super friendly on the phone & in person. Thank you again!
Thea R.
15:22 02 Feb 23
Riverstone is a family owned business. It is the best! Just like a family who takes care of you and of course their service is awesome:-)Sydney is a wonderful hardworking massage therapist. She listens to your body and gives the perfect pressure. My family always chooses to go to her only.Cathy and Tamara is a team you can trust for your health. I've never seen a Chiropractor or gone for red light/shockwave therapy, so I had no idea what to expect. I feel the treatment plan I have been placed upon has been helping me.I always feel I am receiving the best care from Riverstone wellness centre and they make you feel welcome and a part of their family!
Bryan R.
00:53 12 Jan 23
Amazing! Have not felt so well in a long time I didn't realize I was so "broken" lol. Went for Chiro with Cathy and deep tissue with Louise and are very polite and friendly and professional employees. Definitely going back again!
Shelby B.
19:15 30 Dec 22
Miranda gave me a massage and it was really good!
tony M.
22:44 24 Dec 22
All the staff are excellent, and it's a very "healing" environment!
Angelo de P.
13:54 11 Dec 22
Great & friendly service! Chuan is amazing at her job! Definitely recommend
Shemin A.
16:22 12 Oct 22
Amazing massage therapists but the organization at the office end in terms of submitting to insurance is definitely hit and miss. The glory days of walking out without having to make a phone call to fix something are over. Grateful for the stellar massages - why we go back!
M.J. H.
03:45 12 Oct 22
Christine P.
05:50 12 Aug 22
Acupuncturist is amazing!!
Monster Girl F.
04:58 25 Jul 22
Currently I'm receiving laser treatment for my shoulder (potential slap tear). Tamara really understands the science behind the laser application and helps you as a client to understand how the treatment will facilitate healing. The clinic itself is very clean and I really enjoy the atmosphere. Their reception staff is very nice as well.
Jamie G.
20:03 07 Jul 22
Aman is awesome physiotherapist & very well trained & very professional & makes the client very comfortable takes her time to explain & I highly recommend her to anyone who wants great results & great experience ❤️😊😊🙏🏻 I love coming here & getting the treatments ❤️🙏🏻
Henry George (.
01:59 28 Apr 22
Liliana (Osteopath) is a true gem in this City. She brings treatment to a whole other level. Expect to be both physically and psychologically uplifted. Front end staff is always easy to deal with as well
Sabra lee Z
01:01 31 Mar 22
Really helped with my neck arthritic pain.I recieve deep tissue massage therapy and I would recommend any of the therapists there.
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