Migraine Consulting

Let’s face it, migraines can be totally debilitating. The negative impact on our lives is considerable, and help is hard to find. For those of us who suffer from migraines it can be hard to sort through the volumes of information, pinpoint our triggers and develop a concise plan to reduce their frequencies. Add to this the frustration we feel when others think our migraines are ‘just bad headaches’ and we can quickly feel alone and unsupported.

We’re here to help. Of course, your GP plays a vital role in providing you a prescription for migraines medications, but we are here to offer the counselling that is often lacking in today’s brief visits to the doctor’s office.

Delving into Migraines

Migraineurs often have many questions, and although researchers don’t fully understand exactly what a migraine is, we do know many things that are involved. Whether you want the basics or a full explanation of nerves and neurotransmitters, we will aim to give you the information that helps you understand what you are experiencing. During your migraine consult we will discuss the particulars of your migraines, such as the frequency, duration, likely triggers and any medications you take that work.

Being able to talk with someone who understands what you’re experiencing every time a migraine strikes helps enormously. Even though we all strive for individuality everyday of our lives, it nice to know that in the ways we feel most vulnerable and uncomfortable there are others experiencing the same thing.

Migraine Relief

One of the problems with solving the mystery of migraines is that no one solution works for everyone. Based on your unique migraine pattern we will create several plans aimed at reducing their frequency and intensity. Some of our suggestions may involve your GP in the form of referrals or prescriptions. Alas, there is no magic bullet to cure migraines, but it is definitely possible to reduce them and get back your life. We have successfully helped migraineurs who experience migraines as often as 4 or 5 times a week.